Magic Eight Ball

This classic novelty item will keep all ages captivated ! Simply ask a question, turn the ball and a prediction magically appears in the mystery window. Has 20 different witty answers that provide advice. The Magic 8 Ball measures over 4" in diameter and provides an imprint area of 1 1/8". The minimum imprintable quantity is 50 with the price per item being $ 10.99 each. We have listed below the 20 random answers the Magic 8 Ball will provide to your question.

1. Ask Again later

2. Can Not Predict Now

3. Without a Doubt

4. Is Decidely So

5. Concentrate and Ask Again

6. My Sources Say No

7. Yes, Definitely

8. Don't Count On It

9. Signs Point to Yes

10. Better Not Tell You Now

11. Outlook Not So Good

12. Most Likely

13. Very Doubtful

14. As I See It, Yes

15. My Reply is No

16. It Is Certain

17. Yes

18. You May Rely On It

19. Outlook Good

20. Reply Hazy Try Again

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