Video Screen Saver & Game Player

This is a most unusual and unique promotional product. Unlike most screen savers this screen saver has both video and audio and features the following;

Can be Hot Linked to client's websites !

Comes with two games.

Has a print feature for coupons, order forms and schedules !

Available in formats of 3 1/2" floppies, CD-ROM or Web site downloadable.

30 seconds to 5 minutes of repeating, full-motion, on screen exposure for the 3 1/2" floppy.

CD-ROM can have up to 60 minutes of full-motion video (can include text)

Ideal for direct mail, in or on-packs, self liquidators, gifts with purchase, pure premiums and more.,

Multiple videos can be collected, loaded and played in sequence.


Film & Broadcasting: Show movies/TV clips or TV commercials

Recording industry: Concert videos

Travel & Tourism: Clips of resort highlights

Sports: Clips of team highlights, schedules, etc.

Couponing: Delivery allows one time printing of coupons, order forms, special offers, etc.

Industry: New products and videos of showing how they work.

For a Free sample just email:

or call our 206 285-5359 or fax us at 206 286-1276and we will email you a sample of this full audio/video screen saver for your future consideration. Please companies and organizations only request the free sample. The sample is in.ZIP format and is over 1 MB so make sure your computer is capable of handling the download as some computers will not accept that big a file due to their ISP's restrictions on downloadable files.