A Christmas Tree can ignite and burn within a few seconds ! Typically the primary source of fire protection is located near sleeping areas away from the actual tree. By the time conventional smoke and fire detectors sense the blaze, the entire room could be on fire.

This beautiful ornament is a supplemental alarm used on the tree during the holidays and can provide those few precious seconds needed to prevent a tragedy from occuring. This attractive ornament is a HEAT-SENSING ALARM that works on a 9-volt battery and emits a 110 decibel siren at temperatures above 120 degrees fahrenheit..

The alarm features integrated electronic circuitry, a low battery indicator, and performs a self-diagnostic test to check for malfunctions. To operate simply twist the bottom half of the ornament counter clockwise, insert a 9-volt alkaline battery and replace the bottom half. Hang the ornament about three-quarters of the way up the tree. The battery should last about 30 days on a 24 hour continuous operation.

This is truly a great gift for companies to consider giving their employees or organizations can use them as a fund raiser all with their custom imprint on each and every ornament. They are available in three colors of Red, Silver or Gold and the minimum imprintable quantity is 100. And your cost in lots of 100 is only $ 5.75 each complete with your custom imprint. Freight must also be added.

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