Insect Repelling Wristband

Musquitoes, flies and bees hate the fragrance of the BUGBAN

The BUGBAN has a non-toxic fragrance compounded into a poly band. There is no "DEET" or other toxic chemicals to harm even a small child. It is the fragrance that the mosquitoes don't like. It will not kill the insects, it will simply repel them. It will be effective for about 40 hours outside of the vapor bag. You may use the strap for several hours, store it in its bag, then take it out at a later date and use it again. You may do this several times until the life of the strap is fully utilized, about 40 hours total. The straps have been used in several major golf tournaments, for Fund Raising, for Bass fishing clubs, Little League, the Girl Scouts, company and church picnics and medical missions to Haiti and French Guyana. The straps have proven effective in the Amazon jungle also.

BUGBAN is a perfect addition for any outdoor activity. It is the safest, cleanest way to eliminate the problem of bothersome insects. There is no "DEET" so you can feel comfortable using this strap on children. There is no reason to use the greasy oils and lotions that you have previously been using. Kids, golfers, fisherman and everyone in general can now repel insects without the nasty, dangerous oils. Don't forget unlike greasy oils and lotions that you must re-apply every 30 to 40 minutes, the BUGBAN lasts all day and then some ! You may use it again and again if you store it in its vapor barrier bag.


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Non Toxic, Environmentally safe

Elimanates a need for messy lotions and oils

Contains no harmful chemicals

Safe for the whole family

Will not stain clothing

Lasts up to 40 hours.