The Greeting Camera

The Greeting Camera is a fun item to include in any incentive travel gift pack.. All cameras are pre-loaded with 24 exposure, high definition color film in either 400 speed (flash) or 200 speed (non-flash). Every Greeting Camera is completly customized from one of the many stock full color graphics on the camera body with your custom imprint. Plus beneath each picture you can have a message strip of your choosing.

For more information and pricing for your individual needs you are invited to call 206 285-5359 or email:

A free developing mailer complete with prepaid postage can be included with every camera. The free developing is for 24 single BIG 4" X 6" color prints plus the full set of negatives. Only Kodak paper and Kodaks chemicals are used for photo processing.

The Greeting Frame can have your full color graphics and custom or stock ten second voice or musical "talking chip" that are combined in a sleek easel back picture frame that creates a sensational new promotional gift to go along with your Greeting Camera. The Greeting Frame can be ordered with a maiing envelope to be used as an invitation or follow-up "thank you" piece.

The Greeting Box is a unique, custom keepsake that has been designed with twin, acrylic boxes, that hold a camera on one side and candy, a product sample or a small gift in the other. The boxes are hinged and pivot on the ends of a curved, acrylic picture frame. Customized, four color graphics are inserted into the boxes and border of the frame. The boxes become the perfect "desk caddy" for pens, pencils, etc. The Greeting Box beautifully displays three favorite photos. Stock designs available for name drop.