Zipper Coconuts

Zipper coconuts continue to be one of our biggest attention getters ! You have to zip them to believe them ! The actual coconuts are imported from the Phillipines and are cored out and fitted with colorful zippers that actually work. The coconuts can hold a variety of products like golf balls, sun lotion and candy or you can put the products of your choice inside the zipper coconuts. Plus your custom imprint can be put on the front of the coconut in the imprintable area of 1 1/4" high X 1 3/4" wide. The zippers come in assorted colors of blue, green, yellow, red and brown.

We can also pack the Zipper Coconuts with items that you provide to us. Sun-bathing kits, hotel amenities kits and golf outing kits will make that important event even more special. In the minimum quantity of 100 the Zipper Coconuts are only $ 5.25 each. For more information please call us at 206 285-5359 or email: