Duck Floating Beverage Cooler Holder

This a great item for backyard swimming pools, at the lake or the ocean to keep your favorite beverages cool. The Duck floating beverage container measures 22" wide X 23" high X 24" long. It provides 4 can holders on top for opened beverages plus a place for snacks. Underneath, it has an easily accessible vinyl mesh bag that can hold up to 12 cans of bevarages while floating in the water. These are great items for corporate awards, picnics, hotels, resorts, private clubs, the travel industry and pool and spa users. Minimum imprintable quantity is only 50 and the price is less than $ 10 per unit. For all pricing and further information you are invited to give us a call at 206 285-5359 or email us at

Pictured below is what it looks like below the water line.