Yes, Lava Lamps are back !! With new and exciting models now available they can make a nice gift or award for both business and organizations. They can be imprinted. For more information, you are invited to call 206 285-5359 or email us at

Starship Series of Lava Lamps

Pictured below is the mothership of all Lava brand motion lamps. If you stare at it long enough, you might drift into another direction. Ten different combination of Lava and available with either a black or silver base

32 oz. Lava Lamp

Dressed in black and ready to shine, the Lava brand Midnight motion lamp has become one of the most popular in the Lava Lamp collection. The silver version has a sleek silver base and an art deco look.

Sculptured Electra Lamp

Our Sculptured Electra Lamp's neon twists and phosphorous flashes twisting and turning... almost seems like to much for a light, don't you think ?

Psychedelic Swirl Lava Lamps

Hroovy man !! The Lava brand Psychedelic Swirl motion lamp is totally, like tye-dye. Swirling colors and the motion of the Lava blobs could put anyone in a state of elation.

Aroma Rings

Lava brand Aroma Rings have arrived on the scene in a completely new line of Lava acessories. With these scents Peace, Love and Lava spouting good scents for your nose, thet fit on any 32 oz. or 52 oz. standard Lava brand base.