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Scrolling Message Animated Name Badge

The 2 1/4" wide X 1 1/4" high X 1/4" depth Scrolling Message Name Badges are real attention getters and conversation pieces. Each badge can display up to 512 characters and messages 2 to 6 can dispaly 256 characters each. The speed and luminosity of the display can also be adjusted. Messages can be inputted (96 different characters to choose from) and the speed and luminosity can be adjusted to 9 different levels easiy thru the three control panels on the back of the badge.

Available in Black with magnetic backin to allow for easy attachment to the back of ones blouse or shirt. Operates on one one button cell battery which is included. Custom imprintable area at the bottom of the badge is 1 3/4" wide X 7/16" high. Minimum order is only 12.

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