Elliott's Tide Table Books

Dot's Fishing Guide and Tide Table Book is potentially one of your best advertising investments. For just a few cents per month, your customers will refer to your advertising message all year. As a matter of fact, if your books are pre-priced, your customers will actually PAY YOU for your Tide Book advertising.

>>>>>>>NEW FOR 2014/2015 - We are now doing full cover covers for your Tide Table Books at no extra charge<<<<<<<

Send us your artwork/text and we can prepare a virtual proof at no charge. The virtual proof will show how the cover with your custom imprint will look. We can usually email you the virtual proof in 2 to 3 business days after we receive your artwork/text.

We have separate Tide Table Books available for Coast & Columbia (36 pages), Humboldt (36 pages), Pacific Beaches (36 pages), Puget Sound (72 pages), and San Francisco (36 pages). Also we have Alaska Tide Books for Central Alaska (108 pages), Ketchikan (36 pages), Naknek River (36 pages), Southeast Alaska (108 pages) and Western Alaska (72 or 108 pages).

Each Tide book measures 3 1/4" wide X 5 7/8" high and provides an ample area on the front and back for your custom imprint.

For current pricing information please see the bottom of this website or call us at 800 960-9080 or 206 285-5359 (Seattle) or email us at donace@promotionalproductsandideas.com or don_shepherdson8@msn.com

Examples of full color printing on the front covers

The Bigger The Dot the Better the Fishing !

Pictured below is the inside of pages from a Tide Book showing what the pages look like.

Each book measures 3 1/4" wide X 5 7/8" high and can have your custom imprint on both the front and back of the Tide Book. Neon and Fluorescent covers are also now available. Standard cover colors that are available are; White, Gray, Blue, Green, Orange, Tan, Red, Aqua, Raspberry, Yellow (golden) and Yellow (bright). The available neon colors are Orange, Green, Pink and Yellow. Mix and match your colors for the highest visibility. Minimum order is only 150.

For those who are still pondering the importance of a good TIDE TABLE
BOOK, please look below and witness what happens between
low tide and high tide. We have the tool to save lives and to
guarantee that your next visit to the beach is an enjoyable one!!


Each Tide Book also has lots of other pertinent information on everything from boating safety, sharks, knot tying for fishermen, hypothermia, in-water survival tricks, visual storm signals, salt water fishing regulations, motorboat regulations, distress signals, US Coast Guard GPS Navigation system plus an area to record that giant fish you caught. Please note that each area Tide Book is different as to what all is in the book as the contents depend on the area you are located in.

Need a box for your counter to display your Tide Books ? We can provide that for you also as pictured below.

Current pricing for the 2015 Tide Books

Price is divided into 4 categories from One to Four depending upon the selected tide book area. In the One price category are Tide Books for Southeast Alaska and Central Alaska. Price two category consists of the Puget Sound area. Category Three is the Humboldt, San Francisco and Coast & Columbia River. Category Four is for a 36 page custom Tide Book. For current pricing info on the 72 page Western Alaska, 108 page Western Alaska and the Ketchikan tide books please call us at 800 960-9080

  150 quantity 250 quantity 500 quantity 1000 quantity 2500 quantity 5000 quantity
One $ 1.69 each $ 1.54 each $ 1.34 each $ 1.28 each $ 1.12 each $ 1.00  each
Two $ 1.59 each $ 1.35each $ 1.17 each $ 1.10 each $   .96 each $   .92each
Three $ 1.29 each $ 1.07 each $   .90 each $   .81 each $   .70 each $   .69each
Four $ 1.80 each $ 1.64 each $ 1.40 each $ 1.24 each $ 1.16 each $ 1.10 each

Pricing includes up to 7 lines of type on the front cover and one piece of stock art. For a custom logo there is a printing plate charge of $ 35. Call for pricing on back cover and inside cover pricing at 800 960-9080.

Choose your Tide Book cover from 12 different available colors

Tide Table Calendars For 2015

We offer Tide Table Calendars with High and Low tides for 2 months at the same time. Minimum quantity is only 100, Available for Ketchikan (4), Kodiak (4), Nushagak (4), Seldovia (4), Coast and Columbia River (Astoria) (5), Pacific Beaches (5), Seattle (5) and Port Townsend (5). Tide Districts also available on request are Anchorage, Cordova, Valdez, Juneau, Sitka, Humboldt, and San Francisco. Pricing is as follows:

  100 quantity 150 quantity 200 quantity 250 quantity 500 quantity 750 quantity 1000 quant.
4 $ 4.28 ea. $ 3.84 each $ 3.62 each $ 3.49 each $ 3.29 each $ 3.14 each $ 2.87 each
5 $ 3.49 each $ 3.11 each $ 2.91 each $ 2.80 each $ 2.57 each $ 2.46 each $ 2.40 each

 Here are two more rather dramatic pictures of  a low and high tide.  Pictures were taken about eight hours apart

An understanding of the forces causing ocean tides is complex but in simple terms they are caused by the known and predictable gravitational pull of the sun and moon in their relationship to the earth.

For samples or more information and pricing please call us at 800 960-9080 or 206 285-5359, fax 206 286-1276 or email: donace@promotionalproductsandideas.com