Personalized Woven Photographic Towels

Available in a minimum quantity of only 24 these Personalized Woven Photographic Towels are great for corporate Golf tournaments, sports functions, schools, reunions, car dealerships, churches and health and fitness clubs. Each of the towels can have an individual's name at the bottom of the towel along with the picture that has been chosen for the large area of the towel.. They are available in two color combinations of Navy and White with your choice of Red, White, Yellow or Blue borders or you may select a Black and French Grey towel with either a Red, White, Yellow or Black border. Available sizes are the Golf towel size of 30" X 18" or a Beach towel size of 30" X 60". All towels are made from 2 ply - 100% cotton and full jacquard with woven borders. Text of up to 30 characters can be included in the bottom border or a logo can be included in the bottom border. In the minimum quantity of 24 the custom imprinted Golf towels are priced at less than $ 13 each.

For current pricing information you are invited to call our toll free number at 206 285-5359 or email us with your question and we will be glad to help. Our email address is

Beach Towel

Pictured below is the 30" X 60" Beach Towel. The picture at the bottom right corner shows the picture that was used for the finished towel. These towels are great for resorts that want to put a picture of the hotel or beach on the body of the towel , and the customer's name on the border. The towel is great for purchasers of new homes as you can have the company logo, etc. on the towel and the individual's name at the bottom of the towel. Or how about the company logo on the towel with each towel having a different individual's name on and giving them out for a Holiday party.

Luxury Golf Towel

The Golf Towel measures 30" X 18" and your picture of choice, logo, etc. goes on the towel and each towel can have a different individual's name in the bottom area of the towel. For example a golf sponsor can give the towels out with each contestants individual name in the bottom area of the towel. Or the service department in auto dealerships can give these towels away with the person's name at the bottom of the towel and the car in the middle area of the picture.

We can convert color files intow two color images for your towel. Acceptable formats are .gif,. .jpg, .jpeg and .bmp. We also take color photographs that can be converted into two colors. . We also take photographs. Two to three people pictures, pets, house, logo are all acceptable. Resolution should be 250 dpi and we do not accept files larger than 250k.