Walnuts and Nutcracker

Here is an outstanding item ! Imprinted walnuts and a nutcracker ! Each walnut is imprinted with your company name, group or club. These can be bought in bulk with a 10 lb. minimum which is about 400 imprinted walnuts or you can purchase your imprinted walnuts in a one pound sack where the minimum is a total of 20 bags or 20 pounds of imprinted walnuts. Here are some ideas for some nutty sayings for you to integrate with your company imprint.

Nut Like the Rest - We Walnut Let You Down - We Go Nuts for Orders-Thanks - New Clients are Hard To Crack -

Squirrel Away For the Future - Your Service Nut - Your Computer Nut - Don't Go Nuts, Call Us ! - We Are Nuts About...

In In A Nutshell - Nuttin Like The Rest - You'd Have To Be Nuts Not To Call Us - Lets Get Cracking

Give us a call, fax or E-mail for further information on this truly unique product !