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Wood Products

We are presenting just a few of the various items that you can have a custom imprint on that are made from various types of woods. If you wish a catalog for a particular item that you see below or perhaps one that is not shown please email or Or you may call 800 960-9080 or 206 285-5359 (Seattle)

Birch Pens

Our Birch Pens are engraved to avoid the use of noxious solvents that are used in many printing processes. They have non-toxic ink, steel nose cone, steel pocket clip and are refillable and have long lasting brass cartridges. The wood patina improves as the pen ages. In the picture on the left is the Screwball Widebody that is available in either the widebody or a thinner model which is the second pen from the left. The middle picture has the wood pen box that also can be imprinted. On the right side we have the only pen that has a crank to make the pen work. It also is available in the wide body or thinner model. Minimum imprintable quanity on our Birch Pen is only 50 pieces.

Teakwood Pocket Clocks and Cherrywood Compasses

Here are some beautiful wood items that are great for incentive awards and have a low minimum imprintable quantity of only 12. The top left is theTeakwood Analog Pocket Clock that measures 2 1/16" X 2 1/16" X 11/16" and provides an imprint area of 1 1/2" X 1 1/2". Directly below is the Teakwood Digital Pocket Clock Key Chain that also measures 2 1/1/16" X 2 1/16" X 11/16" and also provides an imprintable area of 1 1/2" X 1 1/2". On the right side of the picture is the Cherrywood Compass that measures 1 1/2" X 1 3/8" X 2" and provides an imprintable area of 1 3/8" X 7/8". Both the Clocks and Compasses are available with or without a key chain.

Wooden Key Fobs

Pictured below are wooden key fobs that measure 1 3/4" in diameter and are crafted from your choice of cherry, ash, maple or walnut. Each one is designed to show-off the grain of the selected wood. Laser engraved with a 24mm brass ring. The apple key rings are available in sizes of 3/4", 1 14" and 2 1/2" and all provide an imprint area that really stands out on the wooden apple.Minimum imprintable quantity is only 10 pieces on these items.

Wooden Gavels

We have all sizes of wooden gavels made in a variety of woods, from a 3 foot gavel like the lady in the picture is holding down to miniature gavels of 3 1/3". Minimum quantity on the large gavels is only one with your custom imprint. We have a 22 page catalog on gavels that is yours free for the asking.

Wooden Combs and Brushes

Our wood combs and brushes can be laser engraved with your custom imprint. The minimum quantity is 250. From left to right we have the pocket comb that is 1" X 4 1/2", the classical comb, second from the left measures 1" X 5", and next to it is the larger version of the classical comb and it measures 1 1/2" X 7". The convenient hair brush with 100% wood teeth measures 2" X 6", the brush that appears second from the right is the classical hair brush also with 100% wood teeth and measures 2" X 8 1/2". The brush on the right is a curved version of the convenient hair brush and measures 2" X 6".

Wooden Fruit Awards

On the left we have our wooden apple pencil holder, apple clock and golden apple. In the picture on the right we have various fruits all made from wood that are great for awards and all of these items have a minimum imprint quantity of only 10.

Wooden Coffee Tumblers

These 12 oz. wooden tumblers are so hot they are cool ! Hand-crafted in American walnut or white ash, they're handsome. eco-friendly and nice to handle. Each tumbler has a thermal plasric liner with travel lid that keeps your hot liquid hotter longer. The handsome wooden surface is a natural for laser engraving a name or logo and to keep the warmth lingering long after the hot liquid is gone.Minimum imprintable quantity on our wooden 12 oz. tumblers is only 10 !

Three Dimensional Imprinted Baseball Bats

These 35" baseball bats are three dimensionally carved with your logo, name or favorite major league baseball team. Its a unique way to personalize sales and achievement awards or to thank special customers. Laser engraving allows added flexibility for direct messages and personalization. Each bat is packaged with its own wall-rack/desk stand in a white remailer carton. The custom imprintable area is 3" X 12" with 14 characters and spaces maximum. The minimum imprintable quantity is only ONE !!!

Cherrywood Tic-Tac-Toe and Walnut Solitaire

The Cherrywood Tic_Tac-Toe measures 3" X 3" X 1 1/2" and has an imprint area of 2 1/4" X 1". The boxes have a sliding dovetail where you can store your tic-tac-toe marbles. The Walnut Solitaire Board measures 4" X 5" X 1/2" and has an imprintable area of 3 1/4" X 1". The pegs are included with the game. Both items come with a gift box and the minimum imprintable quantity is only 12. These are just a few of the wood related puzzles that we have available.

Rosewood Rosewood Desk AccessoriesDesk Accessories

Beautifully grained solid rosewood is used for these quality ceafted desk accessories. A wonderful way to express the real esteem you feel for your associates. All selections are presented in an individual gift box. On the far left the Pen, Memo Pad and Paper Clip Holder has an imprint area of 2 3/4" X 1 1/8". At the top right the Pan and Clock combination has an imprint area of 3" X 2". On the right at the bottom is the Pen, Letter Opener & Paper Clip Holder which presents an imprint area of 4" X 1 1/4". Minimum imprintable quantity on any of these is 25 units.

Wooden Post Cards

Wooden postcards are made of high quality 1/8" plywood and are imprinted with different copy on two sides per your camera-ready line artwork in any one standard color. Size and weight is approved by the United States Postal Service and it mails with a first class stamp.. The size is 3 1/2" X 5 1/2" and provides a copy area of 3" X 5". The minimum imprintable quantity is 100.

RoseWood Key & Luggage Tags

On the top we have our ovalRosewood Key tag that measures 2" X 1 1/8", The middle picture is that of the Rosewood Key Tag that measures 1" X 1 3/4" and on the bottom is the Rosewood round keytag that measures 1 1/2" X 2 1/2". All of these can be laser engraved and the minimum quantity is only 50.

Cedar Hanger & Cedar Shoetrees

Our Cedar Hanger can be personalized with your corporate logo or theme. The size of the Hanger is 17 1/2" X 8 1/2" X 3/4" and the imprint area is 1 1/2" X 1". On the right is our Cedar Shoe Trees. This item will be one of the first things your client will see in the morning !. The size is 12" X 3/1/2" X 1 7/8" and the imprint area is 2 1/2" X 1 7/8". The minimum imprintable quantity on either item is 25.

Rosewood Box

This beautiful Rosewood box has a Rainbow Trout on the lid and your custom imprint is available in an area of 1" X 2 1/2". The overall box size is 5 1/4" long X 2 1/4" wide X 1 1/2" high. The Rosewood box is also available with large mouth bass, striped bass, catfish or blue marlin adorning the lids.These four other fish lids can be found in our Fishing area. Minimum imprintable quantity is 25.