Bamboo Promotional Products

Presented below is our  Bamboo related promotional products.  Bamboo is fast growing, easy to take care of and can live for 20 to 30 years. Pictured on the left is the soft pack bag with live bamboo and on the right is the hard tube live bamboo.  These are available in 4", 5", 6" and 8" sizes and in the minimum of 300 they are $ 2.49 each and up depending upon the type that is selected.

Pictured below is the Cyber vase with live bamboo and also the 6" Jute bag with live bamboo.

Longevity Weave Live Bamboo with Ceramic Vase

This striking, interwoven pattern of Bamboo symbolizes strength, feng suei, harmony and long life. This expertly crafted bamboo sculpture is produced by an intricate system involving angled soil and shifting light sources. Bamboo is world renowned for its extended lifespan and simple care requirements. Vitality Bamboo associates your brand with natural artistry and environmental awareness when used as a thank you gift or corporate event. Improve any space with the presence of Longevity Bamboo. This hand crafted bamboo lattice is a unique work of art that takes several years to create by craftsmen of the orient. No two plants are the same. Regular retail price $150.

Approximate Bamboo height: 15”-18'' tall.

Approximate Vase size: Length 7”, Width 5”, Height 5”

The Longevity Weave Bamboo is less than $ 70 each in the minimum of 6.

Bamboo Pot Set

This adorable 3 3/16" X 2 7/8" grow pot set is made from 100% bio-degradable Bamboo and rice hull, and comes standard with eco-friendly fiber pot with fitted lid/base, seed packet and nutrient rich, expandable soil wafer. Comes imprinted with the stock Goofy face and your custom imprint goes on the opposite side in an area of 1 1/4" X 1 1/4".  Less than $ 2.70 each in the minimum of 100.

Heart Shaped Vase with Live Heart Bamboo

Share the love with this unique bamboo gift, specially grown to the shape of a heart to match its ceramic vase. With the heart symbolizing love and Bamboo symbolizing long life, this eco-friendly gift sends a genuine message of appreciation. Expert horticulturalists have specially crafted the heart-shaped bamboo to send just the right message. The heart-shaped bamboo is perfect for thank you gifts, holiday events and promotions. This unique gift will be warmly welcomed by everyone. Most gifts regularly last a few days or weeks, while this beautiful heart Bamboo live for 20-30 years - reminding the recipients of your thoughtfulness. Regularly retails for $70.

Approximate Bamboo height: 15”-17'' tall.
Approximate Vase size: Length 5”, Width 2½” , Height 4½”

The Heart Shaped Vase with Live Heart Bamboo is less than $ 40 each in the minimum of 6.

Bamboo Pen

Stylish, eco-friendly 5 1/2" pen with smiley face plunger, made of Bamboo and recycled plastic. Recycle design on the tie! It provides a custom imprint area on a custom imprint area of 1 3/8" X 5/16".  In the minimum custom imprint quantity of 100 they are less then $ 1.65 each.

Good Luck Live Bamboo and Elephant Ceramic Vase

Add a touch of oriental flavor to any home, office or garden. Each beautiful bamboo comes in a decorative elephant vase. Together, the elephant – which symbolizes strength – and bamboo – which symbolizes longevity and friendship – are a symbol of hope and good will for a strong relationship. Expert gardeners and crafters make sure each plant is grown to meet the highest standards in the industry. This unique gift will be a lasting treasure that can last for 20-30 years. Fits easily on any desk, table or shelf. Show your clients, employees, sales reps, etc. that you value their efforts. Retails for $90.

Approximate Bamboo height: 10”-12'' tall.
Approximate Vase size: Length 5”, Width 5”, Height 3½”

The Good Luck live Bamboo and Elephant ceramic vase in the minimum of 6 is less than $ 50.00 each.

Bamboo Blossom Kit

Mini Bamboo blossom kit includes 1 seed packet, 1 peat pellet, terra cotta pot. The pot measures 3 3/16" X 2 7/8" and the imprint area on the terra cotta pot is 1 3/8" X 2 7/8".  Less than $ 2.30 each in the minimum custom imprint area of 100.


Live Bamboo and Ceramic Vase

Bamboo plants are long-lasting and easy to care for. This bamboo and ceramic vase is perfect for anyone who wants to touch up their space with a dash of greenery. Bamboo is one of the sturdiest and longest-living plants in the world – a symbol of strength and longevity in eastern cultures. Send an eco-friendly message of gratitude and good luck with bamboo. Bamboo is easy to grow - simply place in water (not soil) with rocks or marbles to secure and add sunlight. It’s easy to plant the Bamboo into the provided vase and add water. Everyone enjoys the peace and harmony of bamboo. Approximate Plant Size: 2 ?'' x 6''. Full Color Label Imprint Area: 1Ό'' x 2''. Ceramic Vase Size: approximately 2 3/8'' x 2 5/8''.

The  Live Bamboo and ceramic vase in the minimum of 24 is less than $ 10.00 each

Bamboo Pen

Your clients can write down more ways to recycle, reduce and reuse with this Eco-friendly 6" Bamboo design ballpoint pen. An ideal promotional product for you to customize with your company's information and give out to your customers and your next tradeshow or event. Custom imprint area is 1" X 1/4".  Less than $ 1.05 each in the minimum custom imprint quantity of 150.

Live Bamboo in a Ceramic Vase

Combine the panda – a symbol of peace and good fortune – with bamboo – a symbol of friendship and longevity – and you have the perfect eco-friendly package. These two symbols together represent a strong, healthy, fortuitous relationship. This peaceful, eco-friendly gift sends a strong message of gratitude, friendship and opportunity. The bamboo plant is strong and self-sufficient, meaning it will live a long life with little care required. This gift will make any office or home eco-green and harmonious. The plant will be valued by all. Complete with your own imprinted “How To Care For” Gift Card Size: 5” x 4”. Ceramic Vase Size: Approximately 2½'' x 2½''. Plant size: Approximately 7”-10”

The Live bamboo in a ceramic vase with Panda in the minimum of 24 is less than $ 20.00 each

Bamboo Golf Tee

Bamboo golf tee 2 3/4" in length. Imprint one color on shank only. The perfect promotional item for the sport that is becoming everyone's "cup of tee". Step up your sales game with this popular advertising tool and get your logo or message seen with one of the most used and popular sized golf tees. Custom imprint area is 1 1/4" X 1/8".  Minimum order is 1000.  Call 800 960-9080 for current pricing.

Deluxe Bamboo and Ceramic Vase

Bamboo, a symbol of vitality, friendship and longevity, is the perfect eco-friendly accent to any home, office or garden. This ceramic vase is an excellent natural counterpart to the bamboo plant. Show the world that your company cares about saving it through eco-friendly products and ventures. Bamboo is one of the longest living plants on the planet and also one of the easiest to care for. Send a message of gratitude & good luck with bamboo. Comes with your own imprinted “How To Care For” Gift Card Size: 5” x 4”. This unique gift will make any desk or table a Feng Shui center of peace and harmony. Ceramic Vase Size: Approximately 3'' x 3”x 5''. Plant size: Approximately 8'' – 10'’.

The Live Deluxe bamboo in a ceramic vase in the minimum of 24 is less than $ 30.00 each

Bamboo Pen and Bamboo Ruler

6" Bamboo ruler with inch and metric markings, recycled paper holder and recycled paper pouch. The imprint area on the ruler holder is 2 1/2" wide X 1 1/4" high. They are less than $ 1.50 each for the set in the minimum order of 100.

Bamboo Golf Divot Repair Tool

The 4" Bamboo golf divot repair tool with magnetic ball marker is made of environmentally friendly Bamboo. Ball marker attaches to tool magnetically. 2-in-1 golf accessory that also helps reduce your carbon footprint.  The imprint area on the front is 0.625" x 0.25", the Ball marker on the back is 1.5" x 0.5". Less than $ 4 each in the minimum of 100.

Bamboo Wood Handle Brush

Attractive eco 5" Bamboo wood handle brush is made with cruelty free synthetic bristles. Bamboo is a highly sustainable plant with low impact on earth's resources.  The custom imprint area is 2 1/2" X 2". Less than $ 2.65 each in the minimum of 75.  Perfect for your next gift with purchase program.

Bamboo Chopsticks

Disposable Bamboo chopsticks, 9.4". Hand crafted from the sheath of the newly emerging bamboo plant. Elegant, strong, environmentally friendly. Very little energy is required in the handcrafting process, bamboo is 100% biodegradable. No dangerous chemicals or bleaches are used in the manufacturing process. Strong, durable and leak resistant. Call 800 960-9080 for information on minimum order and current pricing.

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