Credit Card Protector

 One out of three credit cards now have an RFID chip imbedded into your card which basically means that you are open to having your credit card information stolen from you without you even knowing about it.
We strongly urge you to watch this video to see what it is all about and how to protect yourself at

Protect your private information. Credit cards, building access cards, driver licenses, IDs and more from RFID digital pickpockets. Durable, waterproof cover with flexible, protective shielding. Also available sized for passport. Ink print sleeve top in up to 4 colors.

Credit Card Sleeve RFID blocker sleeve. All passports since 2006, and many credit and debit cards, enhanced drivers licenses, etc. have a RFID (radio frequency identification) chip embedded in the card. This chip contains personal and account information necessary to complete transactions. Identity thieves can merely pass you on the street and download your personal data. Our RFID blocker sleeves are made using a patented process and special alloy to protect data. FIPS 201 approved.

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